Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book presentation for Las Cruces Spiritual Meeting

Just a quick note today. I want to tell you what a joy it was for me to present "Sunrise, Day One!" to the Las Crurces Chapter of the ARE today! I not only got to tell others about my book and how it came about, but I had the great pleasure of hearing testimony for those who had already read it as they told me what the book has meant to their lives!

I was humbled by their praise of the book and the thanks they gave me and my guides for writing it. I don't think there is any greater pleasure for me than to know that I have been able to help others understand their own spiritual nature and their relationship with Spirit. To hear someone say, "I no longer fear death because of the understanding that I got from your book," is reward enough for all and any struggles I have had in getting the book into print!

Thank you, Las Cruces for what you have given me today!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What about the predictions in "Sunrise, Day One!"?

Good morning all.

It's a beautiful spring day in this area of the country today! As we look at the sunshine, the flowers that have begun to bloom and listen to the birds cheerfully singing, cataclysmic events are far from our minds. It's easy to think that nothing like that will happen here, and certainly not today!

The Law of Averages says you're right! Earthquakes big enough to move a continent and change the Earth's rotation on its axis don't happen every day! But don't tell that to the people of Chili! That is exactly what has happened there!

So, was that earthquake in Chili the beginning of the massive earth changes that are described in "Sunrise, Day One!"? Possibly. I truly do not know. I can only report how I felt when I heard NBC's Nigthly News describe the effects that the earthquake had had! What I felt was amazement and fear, fear that the powerful quake would set off a chain of geological responses to the movements it had made,... fear because I really would not like to be one who has predicted such events! I knew others would have questions for me, how I knew and what to do to be safe.

Strange, but I have no answers. I wrote what I wrote because my Spirit Guides directed me to write it. They showed me in my mind what they wanted others to see through my words. And they gave me the lessons that they wanted taught through those experiences given in the book.

Since the early 1960's, Spirit has shown me scenes of a time when all was confusion and chaos. It bothered me to the point that I lived with what I felt would be essential in my pockets, things like matches, a pocket knife, etc. I knew that when that time came, I should have on good shoes, shoes that I could walk in, because cars would not be possible. These visions bothered me until the early 1970's when a wise psychic told me that, what I was seeing was not yet, but was a long way off and that I should put them out of my mind and live my life. Relieved, I did exactly that...for a while.

In the 1980's we moved to W. KY, and I immediately felt I should learn the wild plants in the area and know which plants could be eaten. I was directed to learn these, because they told me, when the cataclysm comes, we will need to know how to eat off the land, what is available in Nature; all will be havoc, people stealing what others have to eat, taking whatever they could. Not a pretty scene. I studied the plants and know them pretty well. Well enough to survive? I hope I don't ever have to put it to the test!

In my book, I also describe the huge wall of water that Susan sees coming down the lake she lives on. Well, that was a vision that Spirit gave me looking out from my own front porch! And they said that would happen if the waters of the Great Lakes were thrown out of their banks.

So, the things that I wrote about in my book were things that came to me long before I began to write "Sunrise, Day One!." How accurate they are or their true source, I do not know. They were just given to me, and I gave them to you readers in the book.

Let's all pray that such Earth changes can be averted. But can we raise the consciousness of mankind enough to stop them? That is what it will take! Mankind has to change its ways of thinking. They must discover that only through cooperation and peace can we continue to live on this earth without massive changes that cleanse the Earth of such negativity! They must learn to think of others outside of themselves, look at things as being all connected, forget the self and discover the whole!

Peace all..... Dottie