Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Hello there,
Sorry I haven't been on Blogspot for some time. I took some time off from writing and have been doing a lot of oil painting instead. All of nature has been so thrilling to me over the last couple of years! Have you noticed how brilliant the trees, fields and ski are now? Every drive into town has shown me spectacular views of beauty! Every color now seems more vibrant and intense, each view of the ski, each landscape more exciting to the senses! I just had to try to capture some of what I was seeing on canvas!

And here we are in 2012! What is Spirit saying to me? Last month I was fretting about the unusually warm weather we were having, wondering if we would have a cold snap that would kill off all of the flowers and budding tree leaves, because they had come out too early. Spirit told me not to worry - to just enjoy it. I thought they meant that I couldn't do anything about it anyway! But then they said, "Everything will have a chance for another season."

It's been a month and no harsh winter. The spring flowers, daffodils and hyacinths have bloomed and gone and tulips are coming out along with magnolias and apple blossoms! The birds are nesting already! I think spring is here! And everything is getting an early start - to enjoy the life cycle one more time.

What else is Spirit telling me? Be prepared for anything. My question back - What is most important for me to do to be prepared? Meditate! Prepare your mind to be able to communicate with us easily. Send healing to Mother Earth. Bless those forces that tend her and respect them and process she is undertaking. Be at peace in your heart.

And so, my friends, there are a few of the thoughts and messages coming my way as we quickly advance into 2012! Peace to you all,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Losing Friends

You know how the melody of a song lingers in your mind, repeating itself and lilting behind your thoughts - there, but not quite complete? It touches your heart, and your mind works to bring it to its whole self so that you can hear its lovely melody again. So it is with the loss of a friend. All their vibrancy and spirit echos through your mind, bringing back old memories long forgotten but now grasped in the hope of holding on for just one moment.

How do we reconcile the loss of a friend? What is there to say? He's in a better place now. She gone home to be with God. Then you go on with life; it's back to work, the kids, what's for supper? But still the melody of the life plays on in your heart, wafting across your memory leaving the whispers of the good times, the sad times, the times shared that make up a friendship.

Today I lost another friend. Rest in peace, Lynda.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Website launch day!

Hi there readers,

Today is the launch of our new website,! My thanks goes out to my webmaster, Lyn Giguere for all her hard work! She did a great job!

Besides information about the book and the author, the website has a link to this blog site where one can read excerpts from the book in my June, 2009 entries. The site gives an email address where people can write to me directly, too, and I am hoping to hear from some readers.

The website also offers the reader an opportunity to buy "Sunrise, Day One!" at a special website price, a discount of $5.00 off the on-line book store rate.

I hope everyone will visit me at!

Peace always! Dottie

Sunday, April 4, 2010

YHWH Enterprises Book signing Event!

What a beautiful spring we are having here in Western Kentucky! All the spring flowers are in full bloom and the flowering trees are just spectacular! All of Nature seems to be rejoicing. What a marvelous time to get out and enjoy the vibrations of all this beauty!

And it's a good time to enjoy the inspirational lessons and hope for the future that reading "Sunrise, Day One!" brings. I am happy to announce that I have been invited to have a book signing at the local rock and herb shop, YHWH Enterprises at 104 North 15th Street here in Murray, KY on April 28th from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. This is going to be a grand event. Most people don't know that YHWH Ent. has a reading room just off of the main display room where people can read and buy a wide selection of books! This is where we will be having the book signing for "Sunrise, Day One!". What better place to celebrate "Sunrise, Day One!" than amongst the beautiful crystals owner, Tony Yonaitis has gathered from all over the world! Crystals play such a big part in the outcome of the book!

Since YHWH Ent. is so close to the campus of Murray State University, we will be offering "Sunrise, Day One!"a special discount price for students. Be sure to bring you ID to get the student rate.

I am certainly looking forward to the event. If you would like more information, you can contact me at or Tony at or at his shop by phone (270 761-4372. Hope we'll see you there!

P.S. Those of you who are checking out this blog for excerpts from "Sunrise, Day One!" you will find them in my blogs from last June and July! Happy reading!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book presentation for Las Cruces Spiritual Meeting

Just a quick note today. I want to tell you what a joy it was for me to present "Sunrise, Day One!" to the Las Crurces Chapter of the ARE today! I not only got to tell others about my book and how it came about, but I had the great pleasure of hearing testimony for those who had already read it as they told me what the book has meant to their lives!

I was humbled by their praise of the book and the thanks they gave me and my guides for writing it. I don't think there is any greater pleasure for me than to know that I have been able to help others understand their own spiritual nature and their relationship with Spirit. To hear someone say, "I no longer fear death because of the understanding that I got from your book," is reward enough for all and any struggles I have had in getting the book into print!

Thank you, Las Cruces for what you have given me today!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What about the predictions in "Sunrise, Day One!"?

Good morning all.

It's a beautiful spring day in this area of the country today! As we look at the sunshine, the flowers that have begun to bloom and listen to the birds cheerfully singing, cataclysmic events are far from our minds. It's easy to think that nothing like that will happen here, and certainly not today!

The Law of Averages says you're right! Earthquakes big enough to move a continent and change the Earth's rotation on its axis don't happen every day! But don't tell that to the people of Chili! That is exactly what has happened there!

So, was that earthquake in Chili the beginning of the massive earth changes that are described in "Sunrise, Day One!"? Possibly. I truly do not know. I can only report how I felt when I heard NBC's Nigthly News describe the effects that the earthquake had had! What I felt was amazement and fear, fear that the powerful quake would set off a chain of geological responses to the movements it had made,... fear because I really would not like to be one who has predicted such events! I knew others would have questions for me, how I knew and what to do to be safe.

Strange, but I have no answers. I wrote what I wrote because my Spirit Guides directed me to write it. They showed me in my mind what they wanted others to see through my words. And they gave me the lessons that they wanted taught through those experiences given in the book.

Since the early 1960's, Spirit has shown me scenes of a time when all was confusion and chaos. It bothered me to the point that I lived with what I felt would be essential in my pockets, things like matches, a pocket knife, etc. I knew that when that time came, I should have on good shoes, shoes that I could walk in, because cars would not be possible. These visions bothered me until the early 1970's when a wise psychic told me that, what I was seeing was not yet, but was a long way off and that I should put them out of my mind and live my life. Relieved, I did exactly that...for a while.

In the 1980's we moved to W. KY, and I immediately felt I should learn the wild plants in the area and know which plants could be eaten. I was directed to learn these, because they told me, when the cataclysm comes, we will need to know how to eat off the land, what is available in Nature; all will be havoc, people stealing what others have to eat, taking whatever they could. Not a pretty scene. I studied the plants and know them pretty well. Well enough to survive? I hope I don't ever have to put it to the test!

In my book, I also describe the huge wall of water that Susan sees coming down the lake she lives on. Well, that was a vision that Spirit gave me looking out from my own front porch! And they said that would happen if the waters of the Great Lakes were thrown out of their banks.

So, the things that I wrote about in my book were things that came to me long before I began to write "Sunrise, Day One!." How accurate they are or their true source, I do not know. They were just given to me, and I gave them to you readers in the book.

Let's all pray that such Earth changes can be averted. But can we raise the consciousness of mankind enough to stop them? That is what it will take! Mankind has to change its ways of thinking. They must discover that only through cooperation and peace can we continue to live on this earth without massive changes that cleanse the Earth of such negativity! They must learn to think of others outside of themselves, look at things as being all connected, forget the self and discover the whole!

Peace all..... Dottie

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan.9, 2010 Larry's funeral.

Just have to put down a few thoughts tonight. We just came home from a long-time family friend's funeral, Larry Myers. Larry was more than just a friend, he was our grandson's father.

Larry was a building contractor. We hired him about 20 years ago to put a roof over a house trailer that we had on our property. We owned a small fishing resort at the time and the house trailer was for my parents to stay in when they came up from Florida for a visit.

Larry was a handsome young man of about 30, and I liked him right away. He had a flare about him. Maybe it was his cowboy boots or the fact that he also owned horses, did horse-shoeing on the side and road bulls in the rodeo on the week-ends. But we hit it off really well.

He also took a shine to our daughter, Becky, and the two of them began to date. What I didn't know was that he also liked to drink. In the fall of 1991, Larry and my daughter took us out to dinner and announced that they wanted to get married. That was fine with us as long as he would treat her right, and he promised that he would. Then they announced that she was pregnant. Well, what was there to say to that? We had just said that they could get married!

But the wedding never happened. Becky moved in with him while they were making the wedding arrangements and quickly learned that she could not live with Larry. He would get drunk almost every night and that was just not something she could or would endure. So, she came back home.

Larry was still in our lives, though, and in our grandson's life. Though Becky couldn't live with him, there were still feelings there, as there were with us. We hired him to do several other construction jobs for us in the following years, all of which he did with meticulous care.

And as time passed and our friendship grew, Larry began to reveal the causes of his problems to us - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At least, that is what they call it now, now that it is so prevalent among our soldiers today. When Larry got out of the service there was no mention of such a thing. Larry had been stationed on the DMZ in Korea at age 17, and what he saw and experienced there left him with flashbacks and survivor's guilt. He drank and took risks with his live time after time after getting out of the service to try to stop the horrors that haunted him.

Last Wednesday night, Larry's quest for peace succeeded. He died; his body, broken and unable to handle any more alcohol, gave up. The passed few years had become even harder for Larry. He had a motorcycle accident that left him with brain damage and sever pain in his back. Though he continued to work, the back pain got worse and worse. The head injuries seemed to causes more flashbacks that usual. Many trips to the Veteran's Hospital now offered him psychological counseling as well as treatment for his back. But after many months of that, the medications that they gave him left him with blood pressure problems and a chemical imbalance that caused a stroke-like condition. Unable to work, he lost his truck, had to sell his horses and got behind on his child support payments. He started paperwork to get disability from the government, and Becky agreed to wait until that came through for her child support money.

Then, last spring, Larry's mom died. Next, the bank re-possessed his property and house, and he had to move out in November. And in December, the court saw fit to arrest Larry for non-payment of his child support, despite Becky's pleas otherwise. We bailed him out, and, honorable man that he was, he saw that we got our money back. Is it any wonder that he decided to go get drunk last week?

The military was at the funeral. They gave him a 21-gun salute. It seemed to me to be way too little for all the years of emotional pain that he had suffered because of his military service.

What would this kind, gentle, skilled man's life have been like if he had not served in the Army? What would our daughter's life been like? What joys would he have known without his soul racked with pain?

Rest in peace, my friend. You'll be greatly missed.