Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Hello there,
Sorry I haven't been on Blogspot for some time. I took some time off from writing and have been doing a lot of oil painting instead. All of nature has been so thrilling to me over the last couple of years! Have you noticed how brilliant the trees, fields and ski are now? Every drive into town has shown me spectacular views of beauty! Every color now seems more vibrant and intense, each view of the ski, each landscape more exciting to the senses! I just had to try to capture some of what I was seeing on canvas!

And here we are in 2012! What is Spirit saying to me? Last month I was fretting about the unusually warm weather we were having, wondering if we would have a cold snap that would kill off all of the flowers and budding tree leaves, because they had come out too early. Spirit told me not to worry - to just enjoy it. I thought they meant that I couldn't do anything about it anyway! But then they said, "Everything will have a chance for another season."

It's been a month and no harsh winter. The spring flowers, daffodils and hyacinths have bloomed and gone and tulips are coming out along with magnolias and apple blossoms! The birds are nesting already! I think spring is here! And everything is getting an early start - to enjoy the life cycle one more time.

What else is Spirit telling me? Be prepared for anything. My question back - What is most important for me to do to be prepared? Meditate! Prepare your mind to be able to communicate with us easily. Send healing to Mother Earth. Bless those forces that tend her and respect them and process she is undertaking. Be at peace in your heart.

And so, my friends, there are a few of the thoughts and messages coming my way as we quickly advance into 2012! Peace to you all,

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  1. And peace to you Dottie! Nice spring thoughts appreciated. Same here. No winter to speak of. And, for whatever the reason, I too pay much closer attention to the beauty of nature lately. I used to enjoy a night in a bar ... now I prefer a walk in the woods!