Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Losing Friends

You know how the melody of a song lingers in your mind, repeating itself and lilting behind your thoughts - there, but not quite complete? It touches your heart, and your mind works to bring it to its whole self so that you can hear its lovely melody again. So it is with the loss of a friend. All their vibrancy and spirit echos through your mind, bringing back old memories long forgotten but now grasped in the hope of holding on for just one moment.

How do we reconcile the loss of a friend? What is there to say? He's in a better place now. She gone home to be with God. Then you go on with life; it's back to work, the kids, what's for supper? But still the melody of the life plays on in your heart, wafting across your memory leaving the whispers of the good times, the sad times, the times shared that make up a friendship.

Today I lost another friend. Rest in peace, Lynda.

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