Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just after Veteran's Day...

Hello friends,

Veteran's Day has just past, and now we are hearing reports about the many suicides of our servicemen. It makes me sad, because there is little help for these men and women returning from the combat zones. And I don't think those in charge realize the extent of psychic (spiritual) wounds that are taking place in these individuals.

The soldiers of the 21st century are not the same as soldiers of the 18th or 19th century. The majority of our people now do not hunt, kill, and dress their own meat; they are not farmers who slaughter their own animals; they are not wives who go out to the chicken coop and kill a chicken with their bare hands for Sunday dinner. People of today do not feel the life of another creature go out in their own hands as people of days of old had to. Death was an acceptable part of life back then, and man functioned at a lower vibration in order to maintain that acceptance within their psyche.

Today we are shielded from this horror and guilt by the mass production of our meats. We don't see that package of meat in the grocery store as a beautiful animal, dead, and chopped up. It's just a package of meat. Today, the taking of life and death is not a part of our daily lives as it was long ago. This has permitted a raise in consciousness for the general public.

The higher the consciousness, the more harm is done to the psyche by things of a base nature, especially killing and death. People are willing to fight for the cause of freedom and step up, never suspecting that the violence and death are going to rip into their minds, their very souls, like the bullets and bombs that rip into the body. If the only wounds that were suffered were physical wounds, the wars would be easy to fight. Bodies heal - even those badly damaged have less problems afterward than do those with wounds to the psyche.

So, what can be done for those returning form the horrors of war, man's inhumanity to man? How can such wounds be healed? Who among us is trained to dress the psychic wound and apply the healing salve? And if there were such healers, would the wounded come? Questions to ponder...answers to wished for! This is the cause of the suicides. The answers don't come to those who are suffering.

That's all for today's blog. Those of you who have looked in to see the excerpts from "Sunrise, Day One!" need to look for my earlier blogs from June 4th to July 26th, 2009. The book is doing well, and I am so happy that so many seem to be finding answers and peace from reading it! Cheers, all!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Late October.

Hi there friends.

I thought I'd take a moment to put down some thoughts today. One of the people on Twitter kept tweeting the quote, "Death is a debt we all must pay." (No credit given to the author.) The quote bothered me in that, my mind immediately rejected the statement. Each time she would re-post it, I heard the word, "wrong," spring into my head, and I asked myself why?

Well, I never looked at death that way! As a little kid, I quickly realized that we humans are always looking forward to an older age: when you're 4 you want to be 5 so that you can start school; when you're 10 you want to be 12 so that you can stay at home alone (or some other benefit); when you're 12 you want to be 16 so you can drive; when your 16 you want to be 21; etc., etc., etc. It appeared that each older age offered something that the younger age did not. I reasoned that, if we are always looking forward to an older age and the patterned continued throughout life, death, the end of life, must not be what it was made out to be! Death then, should actually be the ultimate prize! And I began my search for understanding about the spiritual side of life.

Now I know that it is not death that is the debt we have to pay, but rather time here on Earth in this plane of existence. Death is our reward, our release from our duties and burdens, our doorway back to peace, joy, contemplation and understanding.

I think it needs a new name - something like "graduation," "vacation," or "reunion" - something that more closely conveys the true meaning of that transition back home to our spiritual selves.

And that is my thought for today.

Those of you who are looking for the excerpts from my book, "Sunrise, Day One!" they are posted on my earlier entries from June 4, 2009 to July 26, 2009. I hope you enjoy them! And if you'd like to purchase the book at a lower price than the online bookstores, just email me at the address in my previous blogs. Cheers!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 2009

Hello again,
Since I last wrote, my sister's huband passed away, & my husband & I spent two weeks in Southern France at my sister's home in the mountain village of Bardou to try to help her through this difficult time. My sister and her husband have lived there for 45 years and own almost all of the cottages in the village. They rent the cottages out like a resort and have many customers that come every year. This summer & fall were no exception. While we were there, there were quite a few customers coming and going, most of whom have stayed in the village many times before.

The fact that the business was stedily busy was helpful to my sister. It gave an air of continuity to her day with people knocking on her door, checking in or out, cottages to be cleaned, and the duties of the maintenance man to be assigned, etc.

The customers were actually a part of the good support group that I found her to have. In addition to them was that faithful, efficient maintenance man who has been with them for years, friends in the area, and her children.

Now she plans to make a trip to the U.S. and visit our cousins and me in November. This will be her first trip to the U.S. in many years, and we are hoping that her son, James will be able to accompany her on the trip. They will be at our house for Thanksgiving, and it promises to be quite a celebration! All of my children want to come to visit their aunt who they haven't seen is so long! We may have to set up tables in all of the rooms on the first floor to accommodate the crowd! Ha! But, it will be fun, and we are looking forward to her visit!

In the meantime, I have been trying to get back into the swing of promoting my book, "Sunrise, Day One!" I'm keeping the word out on Twitter, but have to get more written on Facebook. I had a nice surprise on Monday. The owner of The Catalpa Tree Bookstore in Grabill, IN called saying that she was sold out of my book and needed to order more! I sent her order off on the next day! Now, I am waiting for a new shippment of books from BookSurge to replenish my own supply. I was so pleased to hear how quickly they were selling there in Indiana!

If any of you who are reading this would like to order the book, I will be happy to sell it to you at $15.95, a good bit less that Amazon's cost of $29.95! Just drop me an email at to place your order. Not sure you're interested? Read my posts between June 4 and July 30, 2009 here on Blogger. They contain excerpts from the book that will give you an idea of its content. I can tell you, it's quite an adventure! And it contains the teachings of some very good spirit guides who really hit the nail on the head when they give advice about how to live in peace with your fellow man.

Peace and love to you all,

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Good morning friends,

Sorry it has been so long since I have been able to blog. Had a family funeral to attend over the last weekend and was out of state for a few day for that.

The big news is that I received my first shipment of "Sunrise, Day One!" on Tuesday and was sold out by Wednesday! Part of that was due to the wonderful book review written for me by Jan Toomer, a Twitter friend. She posted her article on for all to see. A better review I could not have asked for! Thanks so much, Jan, and I am so glad that you liked the book!

I can tell you all that it means so much to an author when people appreciate and enjoy your work. I know for me, "Sunrise, Day One!" is not just a book or a story. It is a part of me, of my experiences in life, and the very core of my beliefs, something that has come from my heart and soul.

"Sunrise, Day One!" is available on,, and of course, However, I have put in another order for a good supply of books so that I will have some on hand, if any of my Twitter friends or blog readers would like to order directly from me and save some "middle man" costs. Again, my email address is and I look forward to hearing from you.

Those of you who are new to reading my blog and would like to read excerpts from "Sunrise, Day One!" check out my earlier blogs from June 4th through July 25th. They will give you a good idea of the type and content of the book.

Happy reading, all!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Aug. 3, 2009

Joy! Joy! "Sunrise, Day One!" is on, and! Finally! And today I got my first book order for 'The Catalpa Tree" bookstore in Grabill, IN. How great is that?
Now, for all of you who are my followers at Twitter, I want to make you a special offer. If you would like to buy the book directly from me at a special reduced Twitter-follower price, email me at the address on my last blog entry, and we will talk.
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Hello there,
I am happy to say that "Sunrise, Day One!" will be available in just 8 days now! You will be able to find it on,,, and In three weeks it will also be available on Kindle, as well as and
Those of you from Twitter, please contact me at
Happy Reading!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009

Hello again,

I got some great news last night! "Sunrise, Day One!" will be available on August 5th, 2009 on,,, and Through Amazon, the book is also available on Kindle for those of you who like to use the electronic books. It will also be available on and in three weeks! I am so excited!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

Greetings friends,
I have been reading tweets on Twitter that tell the reader that they can heal their ill with their own minds. This is of course, true, if one has the basic skills of meditation and an idea of how to start. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to any of you wishing to do some self-healing, for me to write here the excerpt from "Sunrise Day One!" where spirit guide, Stephen first teaches Susan how to heal her wounds. As I have mentioned, Susan was badly injured in the initial cataclysmic event and has no one but herself to rely upon. But in the new dimension, all things psychic that were even slightly workable before are now easily done. My purpose here is to let you know that if you, too, follow Stephen's instructions, you can bring about healing to your own wounds. The process DOES work, even on our present slower rate of vibration.

In the following scene, Stephen and David are coaching Susan in the proper method to heal her broken leg. She had tied pieces of 1"x 2" board to the sides of the leg to try to help support it and now has taken them off so that she can see the area of the break.

"Susan, the first step in creating anything, whether it be something you are precipitating or a healing, is to decide that you are going to do it. This puts your will into motion. Will is a God-power given to all humanity. Nothing is created until one sets his or her will to it," he instructed.
"It's like turning on the power switch," Dave interjected.
"That's right," Stephen agreed. "Now, the second step is to concieve of how you want your creation to be. In this case, you should close your eyes and bring into your mind that picture of your leg in its perfect condition as it is held there in God's perfect plan for your physical body."
I closed my eyes and tried to see my leg as it would look, perfect and completly healthy.
"Don't push so hard," Stephen caoched. I realized that he was right. I was tense, and I was trying to force the picture of my leg onto the screan of my mind's eye. "Relax," he said, "and let the picture come to you. Say your prayer to God again and decribe t0 Him what picture you need."
I tried to relax and then began a prayer telling God what I was trying to do and that I needed a picture of my leg in a perfect condition and so forth. As I described what I needed to see, the picture became perfectly clear! When I realized that I held the picture of my leg in perfect condition in my mind, I was so excited that I almost lost my consentration. I wnated to say, "I've got it!"
Knowing my thoughts, Stephen said, "Concentrate! Keep focused on that picture. Memorize every curve and angle, every muscle and bone. Absorb it into your consciousness. Now see God's divine healing power coming down to that leg in the form of the flowing shaft of light. Hold steadily that pattern in all its purity so that healing light can build upon it."
I didn't want to take my concentration off of the picture of my leg, so I imagined the light coming down over it. I let the light fill every part of the picture that I was seeing until the whole thing was pulsating with that marvelous light.
"Now see the light substance filling the leg pattern. And keep your consentration on this picture until your leg appears to be created anew, completelly made of this God-light. Hold it, now. You will know when it is completed," he coached.
I held the picture, and the light began to work its way back and forth over my leg. I watched in fascination as I saw my leg become sparkling like the fluid light that oscillated above it. When the whole leg seemed to vibrate with the vitality of the light and there appeared to be no room for more, I felt sure the healing was conpleted. I sat there, holding that pucture of my leg whole and full of the vitality of the God-substance, wondering what to do next.
"Next, my child, you must say a prayer of thanks to the Christ-self for completing this healing, and ask that His blessing of peace and love be granted upon this that has been healed," Stephen guided.
I wasn't quite sure what he meant by "the Christ-self," but my mind was filled with words of gratitude that flowed from my heart. So, I envisioned Jesus, the Christ, and thanked Him for this healing. Then, I asked that His love and peace remain with me throughout my life. Being, as I was at that point in a state of rapture, I could not think of only asking for His blessing on my leg; I wanted His love and peace in all of my life!
Whatever I said must have been all right, because when I opened my eyes, both Stephen and Dave were smiling at me. They pointed to my leg and Dave said, "Take a look!"
I studied my leg. There was no discoloration, not even a mark where the splints had been bound to my leg! It looked as perfect as the other leg. Cautiously, I rubbed my hand over it. There was no pain. I could wait no longer! I got up and stood on it. No pain! I took a few steps - yes, it was perfect! No weakness, not even a feeling of tightness remained. It felt so good to be able to walk again. If it hadn't been dark, I would have gone outside. I wanted to run against the wind! I think the vitality and energy of the healing had invigorated my whole body. There is no other word for it; I felt empowered!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

Hi there friends,

I am so sorry that it is taking so long for the book to come out. Now they are telling me it will be the 1st of August! I guess this is a lesson in patience for me. :-)

I thought I'd post another quick blog from the book. To read the book excerpts from the beginning, start with my June 4th entry.

Now in this scene, a Master teacher has visited the group and has just taught them a new way to visiulize their relationship to God. He asks if anyone has any questions and Susan responds.

"I have always thought of myself as being separate," I admitted. "Why is that?"
"You have just let yourself become unconscious of the connection! With all the past negative teachings, you learned from your birth to think of yourself as separate from God. But man is God-centered. The Presence of God is the true center of your being." He turned to the rest and went on. "I tell you these things now, so that your minds may be free to further grow in understanding of the Father's Laws. It is imperative that you understand the totality of His Love. By such understanding will you be free to join with your Creator; all fear, doubt and sence of aloneness consumed."
His words reverberated in my head. I could think of no other questions. The others seemed equally enwrapped with the lessons that He had just taught.
"Stephen, I will let your people have a little time to absorb these things that we have discussed this evening," said the Master. "But, with your permission, may I return tomorrow evening to continue the lesson on decreeing?"
"Oh, yes! We would be honored," Stephen answered with a short bow.
"Then, until tomorrow, may you all go in peace and love and be sustained by the flame of God within!" He blessed and He was gone.
There was a buzz of voices as we all acknowledged his departure. But it was Lamar who spoke up. "Ulmic, do you know who this Master is? he asked.
"Oh, my, yes!" answered Ulmic. "He is not only an Ascended Master, he is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009

Dear Friends,
Sorry I wasn't able to blog last week. We had two separate groups of out-fo-state guests during that time. That kept me busy! But I know that you would like to read a little more from "Sunrise, Day One!", and so I'm here to make another post.

As the days passed, Susan and Randy and their traveling mates became quite skilled in their new abilities, gifts bestowed on them by the new dimension. It wasn't long before they were able to create all of their own food and anything else that they needed from the Universal Supply of God. In this scene, they have just entered a small town in New Mexico where they hope to find some other survivors.

We slowed our scooters down to a walk, since we didn't want to miss a thing. There was a dog barking somewhere in the distance, and we could hear the sound of someone hammering. But no one was on the street.
"Where is everyone?" asked Marcy as we poked along.
"Darned if I know," replied Randy. "It's a good thing we slowed down. We night have missed this place!" he joked.
It looks like someone's been making repairs up there," said Lamar, pointing to one of the buildings with sheets of plywood on it.
"Yeah, let's take this little side street and see if we can find anyone up there," suggested Randy, and we headed up the street.
We saw that most of the buildings butted up against the wall of the mountainside. Only a few of them had been homes. Most were businesses.
Just then, a face popped out of an open doorway. "Mom! Mom! Someone's here! Someone's here!" called a young voice. We had been seen at least.
We stopped our scooters and waited for someone to respond to the child's summons. A wonam appeared at the door, her face white as a ghost. Clutching the cloth she was holding, she ran out to greet us.
"Oh, my God! Where did you come from?" she stammered. "We thought no one would ever come here!"
"Hello, M'am," greeted Randy. "We heard your radio broadcast a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to get here ever since," he explained.
"The broadcast? You actually heard that?" she asked. "Well, ain't that great! Where did you folks come from?"
"Well, Susan and I were in Tennenness when we heard the broadcast, and Jacob and Sara there, are from Arkansas. We met Marcy and Phil in Arkansas, too, but they are actually from Indiana. Lamar here is from Okalahoma," he related.
"Well, aint' that just something! Come all that way!" she said excitedly. "Well, I'm Jeanny Tuddle and that's my boy, Johnny. My! I must look a sight!" she said running her hand through her unkept hair. "We been trying to get this house livable ever since the quakes began, but I'm not much of a carpender!" and she laughed.
"Don't you have anyone to help you?" asked Phil.
"Well, my husband was killed in the first quake. My cousin has been trying to help out as much as he could, but, with work and trying to fix up his own place for his family, he hasn't had much time," she explained.
It was like we had stepped back in time. Work? Fixing up houses? I began thinking to Randy. "There's something wrong here!"
His thoughts came back. "You've got that right!"
The woman looked up at Randy and cocked her head. "You say somethin', Mister?" She had heard his thought, or at least part of it.

But the group is left to wonder why so little spiritual development has taken place in this town!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still waiting (impatiently) for word from my publisher about when the book will be ready for Amazon. But I thought I would give you, my faithful readers, another little excerpt today. In this scene, Randy has told Susan how he would like for her to dispose of his body should anything happen to him. That is a frightening thought for Suasn who has already lost so much during the cataclysm and spent so many days alone before finding him.

"Oh, Susan, neither one of us is going anywhere until we have completed our purpose," Randy continued, "you can bet on that!" He got a serious look on his face as he stared into te flames. "But, to tell you the truth, going back to the spiritual side has never worried me. It was always being left here alone that was the most distressing thought to me. When my wife and children died, I wished I could die, too. I felt like I had been cheated, not becasue they had died, but because I didn't get to go with them." He took a deep breath and them looked up at me and smiled. "But now I know I was left behind because I still have some work to do and important work it is!" he said coming over to me.
He took my hands and pulled me to my feet. "We have a mission. We've got to help this world get started on the right path," he said emphatically, and he pulled me close to him. "And I'm not alone, Susan, and neither are you," he said, and putting his finger under my chin, he tilted my face up to his and kissed me tendrely on the lips.
My mind rushed in with thoughts about not having known this man very long and how improper it was for a newly-widowed woman to care for someone new this soon, but those thoughts were cut off like old rags and dissapated in the feelings of acceptance that filled my every fiber at that moment. Being in his arms, our auras blending, I felt the vibrations of a perfect 'togetherness' ring through me like a vibrating chord of scintillating harmony. This was right! And, I kissed him back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Mornign Friends,

I will add another excerpt from "Sunrise, Day One!" this morning. I want to mention to those who are reading this blog for the first time, that the book excerpts begin with my June 4th entry. So, to read them in sequence, strat with 6/4's entries.

With each new survivor that Susan and Randy encounter, a new spiritual entity also reveals itself. In this excerpt, they have met a young man who is a classical guitarist named Philip. In this scene, Philip's wife is talking with her spirit guide, as the others observe.

"There is another who would enter," interrupted Stephen, and with that, we all turned our attention back to him. "With your permission, Philip's guide would come in." We all nodded in aggrement. He pointed to the left of himself, and we watched as the magnificent being that I had glimpsed in my mind, began to appear. She was exceedingly brilliant, all white with golden rays radiating out from her, an absolutely breathtaking sight!
"I am Claire," she announced, "come from the Ninth Order and servent of the Thirty-fourth Hall. The sound of her voice was like nothing I'd ever heard. It had a quality of musical notes when she spoke. In some ways, it sounded almost like several voces speaking in unison. She moved forward effortlessly and stopped in front of Philip. "We are the Keepers of Sound," she continued. "We have come to assist you in the control of vibration, rhythm and the manipulation of tone, what you call music."
Philip nodded an acknowledgment to Claire. The rest of us just sat there, speechless.

Claire tells Philip that she is "the guide of your purpose," and that, as his physical, emotional and spiritual understanding matured, she would be instructing him in his musical development. After she disappears into the night, Stephen explains about Claire.

"Claire is from a different order. She is an angel," he explained.
"Stephen, I don't quite understand," I began. "I know you told us about the ascended masters, but how does Claire and the angels fit into the picture?"
"Susan, there are many, many types of higher beings, all with levels and ranks, one above the other. It is a never-ending ladder of successions, all with different interest and duties, and all in the service of the one almighty God. This universe is run by millions of life forms, all with specific purposes. Claire is one of those whose special interest is the production of music. It is a great honor for Philip to have been chosen by them to learn even a tiny part of what they know about music."
"Hmm, I seee I have much to learn,'" I commented.
Until next time....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thurseday, June 18, 2009

Here's a few more quotes from spiritual guide, Stephen.

You are aliving, breathing projection of a God-thought wrapped in physical matter.

Put your will into motion. "Will" is a God-power and was given to all humanity. Nothing is created [by a human] until one puts his or her will to it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The weather doesn't know if it should rain or shine today! We've had both several times already and it's only 9:00 in the morning! My husband's gone to play golf! Hope he doesn't get too wet! I'm trying to catch up on my blog and Twitter after being gone several days on a lovely trip to Northen Indiana where we visited with family. We enjoyed watching our baby granddughter open her presents for her first birthday! She loves books! She loved the pink teddy bear I got her, too. You should have seen the look on her face when all of the family started singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She wasn't sure what was happening! (Maybe we didn't sound that good! Ha)!

Today I have finished and resubmitted my updates for the book. I thought that I would leave you with a couple of short excerpts from the wisdom of spiritual guide Stephen, one of the book's leading characters.

With your mind you form thoughts. With your feelings you clothe those thoughts, and they become things of substance. With your will you propel them into your world.

All life is coontinuous, just the form is changed. It flows like a river, mearely changing the scenery as it goes along.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, June 7

It's Sunday and time for me to add another excerpt from the book. In the following, Randy and Susan have just learned that hearing each other's thoughts has not been by accident, that telepathy is one of the new gifts that they and all survivors have gained from the new dimension. Randy asks how it works, and Stephen answers.

"Well, it will work somewhat like it does for us. When someone is thinking of you, their thoughts will automatically attract your thoughts or attention. It will be like they are speaking to you, even though it is often that they are thinking 'about' you and not
'to' you. On the other hand, if you direct your attention toward another and tune your thought pattern to theirs, you may overhear what they are thinking, no matter what it is about. That takes some practice, though. You have to know what it feels like to hear another telepathically before you can learn to tune in on them. Very few learn it spontanously. But you two will develop this ability as soon as you quit denying that it is there. Now, shall we move on?"
Randy raised his hand. "I have one more question: can you guard your thoughts so that not just everybody can tune in on them? That might be dangerous in some cases!"
"Randy, the best defense against having secret thoughts read is to not have any thoughts in your mind that you would object to someone else hearing," Stephen advised.
Randy got a funny experssion on his face and scracted his head. I was reeling a bit from Stephen's last statement myself! Telepathy was going to take some getting used to!
"Boy," I said, "talk about learning to think pure thoughts!"

Randy and Susan's ability to hear each other's thoughts does get stronger and is sometimes embarrassing for them. It comes in handy, though, when they encounter more survivors less skilled than themselves.

One survivor that they encounter is Sara, the daughter of a mountain man for Arkansas, and Sara is exceptional! Here's an excerpt for their first meeting.

I'm not really sure how long we meditated that morning, but before I opened my eyes, I felt a presence. I thought to Randy, "Someone's here!" And, we both opened our eyes. There, in front of us sitting cross-legged was Jacob and a little girl about five or six years old.
" Mornin' folks," began Jacob, "this here's Sara, my daughter."
What a bright little soul this child was! She was beautiful! "Well, good morning, Sara, I'm so glad to meet you," I said getting up to go over to her.
"We was waiting ta speak to ya," she said. "We didn't want to interrupt your prayers."
"Well, thank you, Sara. That was very nice of you," I said, happy that she had understood what we were doing.
"I hain't planned to come back," Jacob admitted, "but Sara, she insisted. She said she had seen ya'll a commin' and knowd that ya'll were them that she was waiting to see. The child's got a gift, ya see," Jacob explained.
I turned my eyes to Sara. She was beaming. "I'm so glad ya finally got here," she said with a big smile. "I've been waitin' so long for ya'll."
"You have?" I asked in surprise.
"Yup, Millie told me all 'bout ya, and that I was ta wait fur ya."
I looked at Jacob for an expalnation. "Oh, Millie's a ghost what talks ta Sara, or at least, that's what Sara says," he revealed.
"She's my friend, Pa. Ya know that - my friend!" Sara insisted. "My, you have purdy lights around you," she said looking off to the side of me at my aura.
"Why, thank you, Sara. You have beautiful lights around you, too.....

Sara proves to be very talented and an impotant addition to their group.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sat., June 6, 2009

Morning friends. Here's another excerpt from "Sunrise, Day One!" In this scene Susan has met another survivor, a man named Randy Steiger, and she is giving him a can of greens to eat. He seems to be knowledgable about the aspects of ESP, and Susan has revealed to him the fact that she can see her spirit guide and the spirit of her dead son, Dave.

"Thank you," he said, taking the can. He dug right in. Between bites he asked, "How often does this Stephen come to see you?"
"Oh, actually he's here all the time or at least near. He becomes visiable to me whenever I think to him. You see, they hear our thoughts, and when we think of them or to them, they are immediately drawn to us. I'm sure it's that way with your guide."
"Really? he said. "Do you think they would appear if I thought to them?"
I thought a minute. "Well, I don't know why not. You are one of those chosen to remain on this earth, and they will be helping all of us. Why don't we ask them to join us?" I proposed.
Randy looked up, surprised at my suggestion, and then calmly said, "Okay, I'd like to meet him, and Dave, too."
With that, I closed my eyes and with my thoughts asked Stephen and Dave to join us. In an instant, Dave and Stephen stood in front of us. Randy almost dropped his can of greens as he looked up and saw the beautiful, raidiant forms of Stephen and Dave, glowing like sunlight against the wall of the barn. One word escaped Randy's lips. "Jesus!"
"No," said Stephen, "I am Stephen and this is Dave."
It was obvious that Randy wasn't used to seeing those in the spiritual form. He rose to his feet, never taking his eyes off Stephen and Dave. I was surprised in the changes in his aura; it seemed to draw in and change to very thin-looking colors at the same time.
"You have nothing to fear," said Stephen in a reassuring voice. " Please sit down and finish your meal."
Recovering himseslf, Randy seemed to realize for the first time that he was standing. He glanced at me and then sat back down.

Well, more next time. Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

I promised you another excerpt today, and so here it is. This scene takes place as Stephen is telling Susan more about the new circumstances on the earth since the cataclysm.

"Stephen, what about all those other people in the world? Did most of the world's people survive?
"No, Susan, not in the sense that you mean. Because of the higher vibration of this new dimension your Earth has undergone a cleansing. Most of those in physical bodies have gone back to the spiritual plane. There they will rest and later take on the challenges of development in new physical forms. Those who were not ready to make the step into the new dimension of this planet due to their negativity will now continue their unflodment in other worlds, which offer training on their level of developement. Those who were ready for the higher spiritual attunment will come back to the earth plane in the new age to come. The few that remain here through the transition are the seeds of that dawning civilization. The entities that will people this coming age are those who had developed their qualities of love, peace, and understanding of God and their fellow man to the fullest extent of their abilities under the influences of the prior dimension of Earth. They will have a better spiritual understanding, because they will have the new perceptual abilities given them by this dimension. With the past veil lifted, they will now be able to understand the source of their enmities, illnesses and misconceptions. With this new understanding, they will have the chance to work to bring balance, harmony and true peace into their lives."

If these excerpts interest you, please leave your comments.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I received my proof copy of "Sunrise, Day One!" yesterday afternoon, and today I am looking through it to check for printing errors, etc. It is so exciting to have the book in hand! As I look through the book, I get caught up in the story like I had never read it before! Silly, huh? That made me wonder if you out there might like to read some excerpts from the book?

The character who is initally telling the story is a middle aged woman named Susan O'Neal. She has awakened to find herself badly injured and her world drastically changed. She also discovers that she can talk to her spirit guide, Stephen face to face. In the following, Stephen is helping Susan remember what has happened to her.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I continued. "Things began falling out of the cabinets, the alarm clock fell off of the night stand, and I could hear glass crashing down in the bathroom. I couldn't belive it! An earthquake like this in Mid-America! It was all I could do to keep from falling down. I made my way down the hall by holding on to the wall. The phone was ringing. I grabbed for it in the living room and sat down on the floor as I answered it. It was Bob. He was screaming, 'Get out, get out! Take the car and drive south as fast as you can. Get...' And the line went dead. That was the last time I...." I took a deep breath to fight back the tears and to calm myself. "As if I weren't already frightened, I was now terrified! .... The thought came to me that I might not be able to drive out of here. About that time a big tree behind the house came crashing down. I decided to try the car. Maybe I could drive up to the main road. .... I got to the car, got in, started it and began creeping up the undulating driveway. As I drove around the cove and up toward the barn, I saw my cat, Jack run across the drive. I stopped the car thinking maybe I could get him. I got out and called him. That was when I heard the roar! It was a roar like nothing I had ever heard before. I turned and looked in the direction of the sound. I saw my house rocking and the water in the lake convulsing. I looked up the hillside behind the house and there, above the highest trees, I could see a giant wall of water coming down the lake! Out of sheer terror I turned and ran. The deafening roar increased as the water overtook me from behind. It knocked me down, and then I was up on top of the water, gasping for air. And then I was under the water again. Everything went black, and...I don't remember anything more until I woke up in the barn."

Well, I must get back to work. If you like that one, I'll post more tomorrow.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sat. 5/30/09

I have signed up for Kindle service so that my book will be available to all electronically. Enjoy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunrise, Day One!

Friday, 5/29/09

Heard from my publisher today and my book will be here in less than a week! I am so excited! It's time for this book to be out there!

Why is this book important? It is a book of hope. It gives the reader an adventure story at the same time that it teaches life lessons. It explores the possibilities of how mankind might survive after a cataclysmic event as it also explores the world of spirit. It opens the understanding of the world we live in and the part that it plays in God's plan.

To those of you who have read "Sunrise, Day One!" and encouraged me to get it out there for the world to read, thank you! I appreciate all of your support. It will be on Amazon and other book sites within the month. Please help me spread the word and thank you again!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Post!

Just started my first blog!