Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, June 7

It's Sunday and time for me to add another excerpt from the book. In the following, Randy and Susan have just learned that hearing each other's thoughts has not been by accident, that telepathy is one of the new gifts that they and all survivors have gained from the new dimension. Randy asks how it works, and Stephen answers.

"Well, it will work somewhat like it does for us. When someone is thinking of you, their thoughts will automatically attract your thoughts or attention. It will be like they are speaking to you, even though it is often that they are thinking 'about' you and not
'to' you. On the other hand, if you direct your attention toward another and tune your thought pattern to theirs, you may overhear what they are thinking, no matter what it is about. That takes some practice, though. You have to know what it feels like to hear another telepathically before you can learn to tune in on them. Very few learn it spontanously. But you two will develop this ability as soon as you quit denying that it is there. Now, shall we move on?"
Randy raised his hand. "I have one more question: can you guard your thoughts so that not just everybody can tune in on them? That might be dangerous in some cases!"
"Randy, the best defense against having secret thoughts read is to not have any thoughts in your mind that you would object to someone else hearing," Stephen advised.
Randy got a funny experssion on his face and scracted his head. I was reeling a bit from Stephen's last statement myself! Telepathy was going to take some getting used to!
"Boy," I said, "talk about learning to think pure thoughts!"

Randy and Susan's ability to hear each other's thoughts does get stronger and is sometimes embarrassing for them. It comes in handy, though, when they encounter more survivors less skilled than themselves.

One survivor that they encounter is Sara, the daughter of a mountain man for Arkansas, and Sara is exceptional! Here's an excerpt for their first meeting.

I'm not really sure how long we meditated that morning, but before I opened my eyes, I felt a presence. I thought to Randy, "Someone's here!" And, we both opened our eyes. There, in front of us sitting cross-legged was Jacob and a little girl about five or six years old.
" Mornin' folks," began Jacob, "this here's Sara, my daughter."
What a bright little soul this child was! She was beautiful! "Well, good morning, Sara, I'm so glad to meet you," I said getting up to go over to her.
"We was waiting ta speak to ya," she said. "We didn't want to interrupt your prayers."
"Well, thank you, Sara. That was very nice of you," I said, happy that she had understood what we were doing.
"I hain't planned to come back," Jacob admitted, "but Sara, she insisted. She said she had seen ya'll a commin' and knowd that ya'll were them that she was waiting to see. The child's got a gift, ya see," Jacob explained.
I turned my eyes to Sara. She was beaming. "I'm so glad ya finally got here," she said with a big smile. "I've been waitin' so long for ya'll."
"You have?" I asked in surprise.
"Yup, Millie told me all 'bout ya, and that I was ta wait fur ya."
I looked at Jacob for an expalnation. "Oh, Millie's a ghost what talks ta Sara, or at least, that's what Sara says," he revealed.
"She's my friend, Pa. Ya know that - my friend!" Sara insisted. "My, you have purdy lights around you," she said looking off to the side of me at my aura.
"Why, thank you, Sara. You have beautiful lights around you, too.....

Sara proves to be very talented and an impotant addition to their group.

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