Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

I promised you another excerpt today, and so here it is. This scene takes place as Stephen is telling Susan more about the new circumstances on the earth since the cataclysm.

"Stephen, what about all those other people in the world? Did most of the world's people survive?
"No, Susan, not in the sense that you mean. Because of the higher vibration of this new dimension your Earth has undergone a cleansing. Most of those in physical bodies have gone back to the spiritual plane. There they will rest and later take on the challenges of development in new physical forms. Those who were not ready to make the step into the new dimension of this planet due to their negativity will now continue their unflodment in other worlds, which offer training on their level of developement. Those who were ready for the higher spiritual attunment will come back to the earth plane in the new age to come. The few that remain here through the transition are the seeds of that dawning civilization. The entities that will people this coming age are those who had developed their qualities of love, peace, and understanding of God and their fellow man to the fullest extent of their abilities under the influences of the prior dimension of Earth. They will have a better spiritual understanding, because they will have the new perceptual abilities given them by this dimension. With the past veil lifted, they will now be able to understand the source of their enmities, illnesses and misconceptions. With this new understanding, they will have the chance to work to bring balance, harmony and true peace into their lives."

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