Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Mornign Friends,

I will add another excerpt from "Sunrise, Day One!" this morning. I want to mention to those who are reading this blog for the first time, that the book excerpts begin with my June 4th entry. So, to read them in sequence, strat with 6/4's entries.

With each new survivor that Susan and Randy encounter, a new spiritual entity also reveals itself. In this excerpt, they have met a young man who is a classical guitarist named Philip. In this scene, Philip's wife is talking with her spirit guide, as the others observe.

"There is another who would enter," interrupted Stephen, and with that, we all turned our attention back to him. "With your permission, Philip's guide would come in." We all nodded in aggrement. He pointed to the left of himself, and we watched as the magnificent being that I had glimpsed in my mind, began to appear. She was exceedingly brilliant, all white with golden rays radiating out from her, an absolutely breathtaking sight!
"I am Claire," she announced, "come from the Ninth Order and servent of the Thirty-fourth Hall. The sound of her voice was like nothing I'd ever heard. It had a quality of musical notes when she spoke. In some ways, it sounded almost like several voces speaking in unison. She moved forward effortlessly and stopped in front of Philip. "We are the Keepers of Sound," she continued. "We have come to assist you in the control of vibration, rhythm and the manipulation of tone, what you call music."
Philip nodded an acknowledgment to Claire. The rest of us just sat there, speechless.

Claire tells Philip that she is "the guide of your purpose," and that, as his physical, emotional and spiritual understanding matured, she would be instructing him in his musical development. After she disappears into the night, Stephen explains about Claire.

"Claire is from a different order. She is an angel," he explained.
"Stephen, I don't quite understand," I began. "I know you told us about the ascended masters, but how does Claire and the angels fit into the picture?"
"Susan, there are many, many types of higher beings, all with levels and ranks, one above the other. It is a never-ending ladder of successions, all with different interest and duties, and all in the service of the one almighty God. This universe is run by millions of life forms, all with specific purposes. Claire is one of those whose special interest is the production of music. It is a great honor for Philip to have been chosen by them to learn even a tiny part of what they know about music."
"Hmm, I seee I have much to learn,'" I commented.
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