Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 2009

Hello again,
Since I last wrote, my sister's huband passed away, & my husband & I spent two weeks in Southern France at my sister's home in the mountain village of Bardou to try to help her through this difficult time. My sister and her husband have lived there for 45 years and own almost all of the cottages in the village. They rent the cottages out like a resort and have many customers that come every year. This summer & fall were no exception. While we were there, there were quite a few customers coming and going, most of whom have stayed in the village many times before.

The fact that the business was stedily busy was helpful to my sister. It gave an air of continuity to her day with people knocking on her door, checking in or out, cottages to be cleaned, and the duties of the maintenance man to be assigned, etc.

The customers were actually a part of the good support group that I found her to have. In addition to them was that faithful, efficient maintenance man who has been with them for years, friends in the area, and her children.

Now she plans to make a trip to the U.S. and visit our cousins and me in November. This will be her first trip to the U.S. in many years, and we are hoping that her son, James will be able to accompany her on the trip. They will be at our house for Thanksgiving, and it promises to be quite a celebration! All of my children want to come to visit their aunt who they haven't seen is so long! We may have to set up tables in all of the rooms on the first floor to accommodate the crowd! Ha! But, it will be fun, and we are looking forward to her visit!

In the meantime, I have been trying to get back into the swing of promoting my book, "Sunrise, Day One!" I'm keeping the word out on Twitter, but have to get more written on Facebook. I had a nice surprise on Monday. The owner of The Catalpa Tree Bookstore in Grabill, IN called saying that she was sold out of my book and needed to order more! I sent her order off on the next day! Now, I am waiting for a new shippment of books from BookSurge to replenish my own supply. I was so pleased to hear how quickly they were selling there in Indiana!

If any of you who are reading this would like to order the book, I will be happy to sell it to you at $15.95, a good bit less that Amazon's cost of $29.95! Just drop me an email at to place your order. Not sure you're interested? Read my posts between June 4 and July 30, 2009 here on Blogger. They contain excerpts from the book that will give you an idea of its content. I can tell you, it's quite an adventure! And it contains the teachings of some very good spirit guides who really hit the nail on the head when they give advice about how to live in peace with your fellow man.

Peace and love to you all,

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  1. Hi Dottie - I'm so sorry to hear about Jean's husband, and your comments about the community there make me wish to be there, but I've been wishing that ever since I first heard of the spot. Hope you have a great family time at Thanksgiving. Thinking of you often and wishing you the best. Just want some big publisher to notice and grab up your book! - Geo