Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

Hi there friends,

I am so sorry that it is taking so long for the book to come out. Now they are telling me it will be the 1st of August! I guess this is a lesson in patience for me. :-)

I thought I'd post another quick blog from the book. To read the book excerpts from the beginning, start with my June 4th entry.

Now in this scene, a Master teacher has visited the group and has just taught them a new way to visiulize their relationship to God. He asks if anyone has any questions and Susan responds.

"I have always thought of myself as being separate," I admitted. "Why is that?"
"You have just let yourself become unconscious of the connection! With all the past negative teachings, you learned from your birth to think of yourself as separate from God. But man is God-centered. The Presence of God is the true center of your being." He turned to the rest and went on. "I tell you these things now, so that your minds may be free to further grow in understanding of the Father's Laws. It is imperative that you understand the totality of His Love. By such understanding will you be free to join with your Creator; all fear, doubt and sence of aloneness consumed."
His words reverberated in my head. I could think of no other questions. The others seemed equally enwrapped with the lessons that He had just taught.
"Stephen, I will let your people have a little time to absorb these things that we have discussed this evening," said the Master. "But, with your permission, may I return tomorrow evening to continue the lesson on decreeing?"
"Oh, yes! We would be honored," Stephen answered with a short bow.
"Then, until tomorrow, may you all go in peace and love and be sustained by the flame of God within!" He blessed and He was gone.
There was a buzz of voices as we all acknowledged his departure. But it was Lamar who spoke up. "Ulmic, do you know who this Master is? he asked.
"Oh, my, yes!" answered Ulmic. "He is not only an Ascended Master, he is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray!"

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