Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

Greetings friends,
I have been reading tweets on Twitter that tell the reader that they can heal their ill with their own minds. This is of course, true, if one has the basic skills of meditation and an idea of how to start. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to any of you wishing to do some self-healing, for me to write here the excerpt from "Sunrise Day One!" where spirit guide, Stephen first teaches Susan how to heal her wounds. As I have mentioned, Susan was badly injured in the initial cataclysmic event and has no one but herself to rely upon. But in the new dimension, all things psychic that were even slightly workable before are now easily done. My purpose here is to let you know that if you, too, follow Stephen's instructions, you can bring about healing to your own wounds. The process DOES work, even on our present slower rate of vibration.

In the following scene, Stephen and David are coaching Susan in the proper method to heal her broken leg. She had tied pieces of 1"x 2" board to the sides of the leg to try to help support it and now has taken them off so that she can see the area of the break.

"Susan, the first step in creating anything, whether it be something you are precipitating or a healing, is to decide that you are going to do it. This puts your will into motion. Will is a God-power given to all humanity. Nothing is created until one sets his or her will to it," he instructed.
"It's like turning on the power switch," Dave interjected.
"That's right," Stephen agreed. "Now, the second step is to concieve of how you want your creation to be. In this case, you should close your eyes and bring into your mind that picture of your leg in its perfect condition as it is held there in God's perfect plan for your physical body."
I closed my eyes and tried to see my leg as it would look, perfect and completly healthy.
"Don't push so hard," Stephen caoched. I realized that he was right. I was tense, and I was trying to force the picture of my leg onto the screan of my mind's eye. "Relax," he said, "and let the picture come to you. Say your prayer to God again and decribe t0 Him what picture you need."
I tried to relax and then began a prayer telling God what I was trying to do and that I needed a picture of my leg in a perfect condition and so forth. As I described what I needed to see, the picture became perfectly clear! When I realized that I held the picture of my leg in perfect condition in my mind, I was so excited that I almost lost my consentration. I wnated to say, "I've got it!"
Knowing my thoughts, Stephen said, "Concentrate! Keep focused on that picture. Memorize every curve and angle, every muscle and bone. Absorb it into your consciousness. Now see God's divine healing power coming down to that leg in the form of the flowing shaft of light. Hold steadily that pattern in all its purity so that healing light can build upon it."
I didn't want to take my concentration off of the picture of my leg, so I imagined the light coming down over it. I let the light fill every part of the picture that I was seeing until the whole thing was pulsating with that marvelous light.
"Now see the light substance filling the leg pattern. And keep your consentration on this picture until your leg appears to be created anew, completelly made of this God-light. Hold it, now. You will know when it is completed," he coached.
I held the picture, and the light began to work its way back and forth over my leg. I watched in fascination as I saw my leg become sparkling like the fluid light that oscillated above it. When the whole leg seemed to vibrate with the vitality of the light and there appeared to be no room for more, I felt sure the healing was conpleted. I sat there, holding that pucture of my leg whole and full of the vitality of the God-substance, wondering what to do next.
"Next, my child, you must say a prayer of thanks to the Christ-self for completing this healing, and ask that His blessing of peace and love be granted upon this that has been healed," Stephen guided.
I wasn't quite sure what he meant by "the Christ-self," but my mind was filled with words of gratitude that flowed from my heart. So, I envisioned Jesus, the Christ, and thanked Him for this healing. Then, I asked that His love and peace remain with me throughout my life. Being, as I was at that point in a state of rapture, I could not think of only asking for His blessing on my leg; I wanted His love and peace in all of my life!
Whatever I said must have been all right, because when I opened my eyes, both Stephen and Dave were smiling at me. They pointed to my leg and Dave said, "Take a look!"
I studied my leg. There was no discoloration, not even a mark where the splints had been bound to my leg! It looked as perfect as the other leg. Cautiously, I rubbed my hand over it. There was no pain. I could wait no longer! I got up and stood on it. No pain! I took a few steps - yes, it was perfect! No weakness, not even a feeling of tightness remained. It felt so good to be able to walk again. If it hadn't been dark, I would have gone outside. I wanted to run against the wind! I think the vitality and energy of the healing had invigorated my whole body. There is no other word for it; I felt empowered!

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