Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book presentation for Las Cruces Spiritual Meeting

Just a quick note today. I want to tell you what a joy it was for me to present "Sunrise, Day One!" to the Las Crurces Chapter of the ARE today! I not only got to tell others about my book and how it came about, but I had the great pleasure of hearing testimony for those who had already read it as they told me what the book has meant to their lives!

I was humbled by their praise of the book and the thanks they gave me and my guides for writing it. I don't think there is any greater pleasure for me than to know that I have been able to help others understand their own spiritual nature and their relationship with Spirit. To hear someone say, "I no longer fear death because of the understanding that I got from your book," is reward enough for all and any struggles I have had in getting the book into print!

Thank you, Las Cruces for what you have given me today!

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  1. Though its been several years back now that I read your manuscript I'm still amazed at the coherence of your imagination to get it all down on paper so clearly!